Bishop Ordained for Belarusians


Brooklyn, NY, USA. (ONSTX) Acting upon the nomination of The Rt. Rev. Archimandrit Svyatoslau (in the world, Vyacheslav Lohin) by the Consistory of the Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, in accord with the subsequent blessing of His Holiness, The Patriarch of Kyiv and All Rus'-Ukraina, FILARET, attested to in a decision bearing the signatures of His Holiness and seven members of the Permanent Holy Synod, Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kyivan Patriarchate, three bishops of the Kyivan Patriarchate did ordain to the Episcopacy Archimandrit Svyatoslau with the title of Navahrads'k and North America in rites accomplished in Sv. Kyril of Turau Kafedralnihj-Sobor on Sunday, 28 April (OS)/l1 May (NS), 2008 р.Б.

PARTICIPANTS In Sv. Kyril of Turau Belarusian Autocephalous Kafedra (Cathedral i.e. that edifice containing the Bishop's Chair), the April 27th/May 10th, 2008 р.Б. (year of God, i.e. AD) at the Saturday Evening Great Vespers, the Synodical Rite of Election of a New Bishop and the April 28th /May 11th, Sunday Morning Archihierarchical Divine Liturgy with the Moleben for the Mother of God was presiding 84 year old Archbishop of Uman (Ukraina) and Detroit, (MI, USA), His Eminence, The Most Rev. ALEXANDER with Episcopal con-celebrants, His Excellency, The Most Rev. MAKARIOS Bishop of Houston & Texas (USA) and His Grace, The Most Rev. Borihspil PAISIY, Bishop of Borispil (Ukrainia) (now retired). Priestly concelebrants were Kafedralnihj Liturgist, The V. Rev. Mitrafornihj (mitered) Fr. Mikhailo Fedorak, and visiting clergy, The V. Rev. Mitrafornihj Fr. Mikhailo Hutsul & The Rev Fr. Ivan Telebzda of Sv. Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Kafedra, Detroit, MI, The Rev. Fr. Volodymyr Nemyra, Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Parma, OH, The Rev. Fr. Zenovij Zhalobak, Liturgist & The V. Rev. Paul Emmick, English Language Associate Liturgist both of Sv. Mary Zyrovichy Belarussian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, Highland Park; The Rev. Fr. Orest Pyhah'ski & The Rev. Fr. Protodihyakon (first-deacon) Mihkola Levenuk of The Appearance of the Mother of God at Mt. Pachayiv Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Philadelphia, PA.; Panomar ie: Sacristan Anatol' Kolbun, vice president of the Kafedralnihj Rada & Keruvimchikihj (altar servers) were Dmytro Zhalobak & Mark Azarko of Highland Park. The choir for the Litrugy was composed of some thirty singers was under the able direction of Brooklyn's Kyrils'kihj Kafedralnihj Choir Director, Uladzimir Tsyalitsa.

VESPERS AND SYNODICAL ELECTION RITE The Saturday Evening Vespers was served by The Rev Fr. Ivan Telebzda of Sv. Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Kafedra, Detroit, MI, with the kliros (place for ordained chanters and choristers just outside the Iconostasis i.e. icon screen at the place of the western church's altar rail) consisting of the three bishops, three priests and PaniMatka (i.e. Mrs. Mother, a title for priest wife) Ludmilla Telebzda with the candidate for ordination, Fr. Archimandrit (mitered priest who often wears two crosses, having been raised by a bishop to head a monastery) Svyatoslau rendering the changeable parts of the service from the Flowery Triodian (Pentecostarion i.e. the cycle of observances from Paskha through Pentecost) and the Menaion (daily cycle of saints and feasts). Subsequent to Vespers, The Rite of Election was sung by the three Hierarchs, Abp. ALEXANDER, Bp. MAKARIOS and Bp. PAISYI in peaceful, melodious harmony.

THE DIVINE LITURGY Sunday Morning was adorned with clear skies and bright sunshine which illumined the recently restored Kafedra. His Eminence, Abp. ALEXANDER with Bp. MAKARIOS and Bp. PAISYI were greeted at the Kafedra's western door with heartfelt words and the traditional bread and salt upon a rushnihk (embroidered cloth) covered tray presented by Spadarihnya (Mrs.) Lina Sahonovich. Roses were offered to the Hierarchs by Spadarihnya Tatsyana Kracouskaya & Spadarihnya Alia Dubiaho. The three hierarchs made their way up the broad winding staircase from the vestibule to the entry door of the temple precinct and were greeted there by Kafedralnihj liturgist Fr. Mykola, the concelebrating priest and the protodihyakon. Upon vesting Abp. ALEXANDER in Mantiya (monastic, conical-shaped but lengthy cloak, usually purple for bishops with four plates emblematic of the Four Gospels and seven red and white stripes memorializing the seven OEcumenical Councils) and handing him the Zhezyl (gilded pastoral staff in the form of two serpents twined together), the hierarchs made their way to the doors of the Iconostas whilst the choir sang from the Ninth Ode of the Paskhal Canon, "The Angel cried out unto Thee, who art full of grace... Shine, shine, О New Jerusalem..." concurrently with the protodihyakon reading the entry prayers. The Hierarchs retired to the Vivtar (behind the Iconostas) to vest as the Kafedra continued to fill with Belarusian Faithful and Parish representatives including from Toronto's own BAOChurch Sv. Kyril of Turau, Starshinya (the elder one, i.e. president) Mikhas' Tapunou with Photograpic Historian Irihna Varadey; from Ottawa, Ivanka Survilla, President of the Belarusian Democratic Republic in Exile; Highland Park N.J.'s Parish Starshinya Viktar Dubyaha and Brooklyn's own photograper & Parish Starshinya Dr. Ras'tsislau Haroshka. Orthodox faithful of several Slavic nations and guests from a myriad of various national and even other religious traditions, all who had come for this great occasion.
The Archihierarchical Divine Liturgy began with the beautiful rendering of the Litanies and three antiphons sung by the choir composed of singers from the Kafedralnihj Choir as well as singers from the Parish of the Mother of God of Zyrovicy, Highland Park, NJ, and Sv. Andrew UOKafedra, Detroit, MI. all under the capable direction of the Brooklyn Kafedra's Uladzimir Tsyalitsya.

LITTLE ENTRANCE, TRISAGION & ORDINATION During the Little Entrance with the Holy Gospel Book the Kafedra resounded with the strains of the clergy grandly singing in Ukrainian: "Приідіть, Поклонімос," i.e. О come, let us worship and bow down before Christ, О Son of God who art risen from the dead, Save us, who sing unto Thee, Alleluia. This was answered by the choir's magnificent echoing of the same in the Belarusian Language. Subsequent to the rendering of the Troparia and Kondakia (collect-like prayers) of The Sunday of the Myrrh-bearers and of Sv. Kyril of Turau, Abp. ALEXANDER intoned, "Бо Ти Святий еси, Боже наш..." i.e. For Holy art Thou О our God... to which the choir responded, singing sweetly in Belarusian the Trisagion (Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy upon us.) to the usual (i.e. simple) melody. This was a meet foil for the powerful rejoinder by the clergy from within the Vivtar (Altar), culminating with the Episcopal Candidate, Archimandrit Svyatoslau humbly kneeling with head inclined upon the back of his crossed hands, touching the edge of the Prestil (Altar) there awaiting the descent of the Holy Spirit to create of him a bishop. His Eminence, Archbishop ALEXANDER read the ordination prayer whilst Bishops MAKARIOS & PAISYI held the Book of the Holy Gospels upon the head of the ordinand. Vladyka (an affectionate term for bishops) PAISYI intoned the Ordination Litany and Vladyka MAKARIOS led the clergy in responding, first in Slavonic, "Господи, помилуй" and finally in Greek, "Киpiе, елеісон" (i.e. Lord, have mercy) and prompted the choir to echo the same.

AXIOS! HE IS WORTHY! The ordinand arose to stand before the Holy Prestil, the hierarchy, the clergy and the faithful bearing the indelible stamp of the fullness of the Holy Priesthood, i.e. a Bishop of the Orthodox Church, carrying the plentitude of the Grace of the Holy Apostolic Office and Succession. The three ordaining hierarchs vested (clothed) the newly ordained Bishop SVYATOSLAU in saccos (a full, t-shaped garment), omofor (a broad band of often white wool or other costly fabric signifying the yoke of the Episcopacy), panaghia (iconographic medallion of the Blessed Virgin Mary) and mitra (crown) to the responding sung acclamation first from the clergy, then the faithful with the Greek word, "Axios!" a term meaning [He is] Worthy!.

NEW BISHOP AT THE BEAUTIFUL PLACE The newly ordained and worthy Bishop SVYATOSLAU was seated upon the chair of the Гарний Місця (the beautiful or high place i.e. the bishops' chairs on the eastern wall) surrounded by the ordaining hierarchs.

APOSTLE, EVANGELION, COMMUNION The Prokemenon and Apostle (Epistle) were rendered by Yakob Sapyazhinski. The alleluiarion was chanted by the choir as the Holy Evangelion (Gospel) was brought forth on the amvon (the raised place before the Iconastas). The Gospels for both the Sunday of the Holy Myrrh-bearers and for Sv. Kyril of Turau were intoned by His Eminence, Ukrainian Archbishop ALEXANDER in the Belarusian Language.
The Liturgy continued according to Archihierarchical Ustav (use) ceding certain portions of the service to the newly ordained Bp. SVYATOSLAU according to the directions set forth in the Chihnovnihk (Bishop's Service Book).
During Communion the Holy Lamb was distributed to the clergy by the Archbishop and the Holy Chalice given to the clergy by the worthy Episcopal ordinand.
His Eminence, Archbishop ALEXANDER delivered the homily before pronouncing the vidpust (dismissal).

ARCHBISHOP GIVES NEW BISHOP PASTORAL STAFF Subsequent to the Divine Liturgy, the newly ordained Navahrads'kihj Bishop SVYATOSLAU was shrouded in Mantiya and upon the amvon was given the Zhezl (pastoral staff) with an exhortation from the Chihnovnihk (i.e. Bishop's Liturgicon.)

MOLEBEN TO MOTHER OF GOD FOR OUR MOTHERS With the bishops now on the Dais in the heart of the Kafalikon (nave), amidst the faithful, a Moleben (Votive Prayer Cycle) to the Mother of God was sung by all in honor of the many faithful women of the church and visitors who are mothers, thereby nodding to the American Holiday and witnessing to the reality that one may be truly Orthodox and yet participate in the constructive aspects of Western European, Australian, American and/or Canadian Culture, i.e. assimilated but yet Orthodox; not choosing one or the other but embracing the good of both.

NEW BISHOP GIVES INDIVIDUAL BLESSINGS At the conclusion of the Moleben the Faithful came unto the amvon to greet the Newly Ordained Bishop SVYATOSLAU of Navahrads'k and to receive his blessing and an anointing with Litiya oil administered by the Kafedralnihj Liturgist Fr. Mihailo Fedorak.
The all adjourned to the Kafedralnihj Zel (Cathedral Hall) for the sumptuous Spil'na Trapeza (Community Table i.e. Banquet).

(ONSTX) Orthodox News Service of Texas by Vladyka MAKARIOS, Houston with contributions by Abp ALEXANDER, Detroit; Bp. SVYATOSLAU, Toronto; from ВАОС Consistoria: Yakub Sapyazhinski & Syahej Trihubovich; Mikalaj Cahonovich, NY & NJ; o. David Tarbet, Houston; Dyak Laverentihj Albin, Houston; Pani Matka Ludmilla Telebza, Detroit; Pani Matka Katerina Nemerya, Parma, OH; Pani Matka Roxanne Posakiwsky, Brunswick, OH ; Robert Burroughs, Houston; Walter Lent, Houston.