Іканапіс Беларусі - Belarusan iconography

15 th - 16 th centuries ( 8 icons ). 15 - 16 стагоддзі

17 th century ( 27 icons ). 17 стагоддзе

18 th century ( 57 icons ). 18 стагоддзе

20 th century / 20 стагоддзе

Belarusian icon-painting ranks high in Slav culture. The traditions of the Bysantine art, which were assimilated by the culture of Belarusian's old towns (the 9th - 14th cc.), have been united with the stylistic peculiarities of the West European art - the Renaissance (the 14th - 16th cc.), baroque (late 16th - 18th cc.), classicism (latter half of the 18th c.). 
The roots of this phenomena lie in the originality of historical development of Belarus. Being situated at the juncture of the Latin West and the Orthodox and Union East, Belarus was a part of the Great Duchy of Litwa and Rzechpospolita. In such conditions took place the formation of the Belarusian nation, language, culture. And the icon-painting played a sterling part in this process. 
The icon-painting of 15th - 18th century Belarus presents a bright page of Slav peoples's culture.

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Source information : Icon painting in Belarus. 15th - 18th centuries.Minsk, 1992.
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